The Two-Lane Adventure: Celebrating our highways of yesteryear...And the Joys of Driving them Today!
Celebrating our two-lane highways of yesteryear...and the joys of driving them today!

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Preview Magazine - SPRING 2017

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What is it about slow road travel that touches the edge of eternity?

This issue of the magazine continues the quest to answer that question. It marks the start of our magazine's fifteenth-anniversary year. A decade and a half ago, our publication debuted on newsstands to serve the scenic and nostalgic traveler. Today, American Road is forging bonds with fans around the globe who've heard the highway's ageless song.

We'll be celebrating our crystal anniversary throughout 2017, beginning with this issue, which is dedicated, in large part, to explorations of US Highway 15. That road, which extends from the New York - Pennsylvania state line to Walterboro, South Carolina, cuts through its own cross-section of the country. It's the road of the Civil War and civil rights, Little League Baseball and the Last Boll Weevil, Baby Jim and immigrant-turned-spaghetti-artist Hector "Chef" Boiardi.

US 15 is proof of what American Road has maintained since its introduction: Essential "routes" can be found all over the map, and the American Dream is inextricably tied to the American Drive.

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